AIDA Highlights

The AIDA project addresses infrastructures required for detector development for future particle physics experiments.

Group photo taken at the 2nd Annual Meeting in Frascati, Italy

The 2nd Annual Meeting was held between 10-12 April 2013 in Frascati, Italy. 97 participants attended the fruitful discussions of the parallel sessions, where each Work Package presented their latest results.

The event was combined with theAcademia meets Industry event on 3D interconnections, which attracted 91 participants from all over the world, including many company representatives from the field. The event was an opportunity also for companies to present their work with a booth and poster. The outcome of the meeting was the remarkable progress towards meeting academic needs.

A special tutorial session was also organized to encourage students working within AIDA to present their research results to other students in the field. This year’s student tutorial topic was Gaseous Detectors in HEP. It attracted more than 29 students. (continue)

Informazioni su Giovanni Mazzitelli

Senior Researcher - field of interest high energy physics and particle accelerators; science communication and education; sail and alpinism lover
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