Screen Shot 2013-12-06 at 15.26.49NESCOFI@BTF is a 3-y project (2011 – 13) supported by the Scientific Commission 5 of INFN (Italy). The target is the devel- opment of neutron spectrometers similar to the Bonner spheres, in terms of response energy interval and accuracy, but able to determine the neutron spectrum in only one exposure. These devices embed multiple (10 to 30) thermal neutron detectors (TNDs) within a single moderator. Two prototypes, called SPherical SPectrometer (SP2) and cylindrical spectrometer (CYSP), have been set up. Whilst SP2 has spherical geometry and nearly isotropic response, the CYSP has cylindrical geometry and is intended to be used as a directional spectrometer. Suitable active TNDs will be embedded in the final version of the devices. The resulting instruments could be used as real-time neutron spectrometers in neutron-producing facilities. This communication describes the design criteria, nu- merical analysis, experimental issues, state-of-the-art and future developments connected with the development of these instruments.

R. Bedogni (1), J. M. Gomez-Ros (1,2), D. Bortot (1,3), A. Pola (3), M. V. Introini (3), A. Esposito (1), A. Gentile (1), G. Mazzitelli (1) and B. Buonomo (1)
(1) IFNF – LNF, via E. Fermi n. 40, Frascati, Roma 00044, Italy
(2) CIEMAT, Av. Complutense 40, Madrid 28040, Spain

(3) Politecnico di Milano, Dipartimento di Energia, via Ponzio 34/3, Milano 20133, Italy

Informazioni su Giovanni Mazzitelli

Senior Researcher - field of interest high energy physics and particle accelerators; science communication and education; sail and alpinism lover
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