5th International School of Trigger and Data Acquisition

The ISOTDAQ 2014 is the fifth of a series of International Schools dedicated to introduce MSc and PhD students to the “arts and crafts” of triggering and acquiring data for physics experiments.

The main aim of the school is to provide an overview of the basic instruments and methodologies used in high energy physics, spanning from small experiences in lab to the very large LHC experiments, spotting the main building blocks as well as the different choices and architectures at different levels of complexity.

The main topics of the school include the basics of Data Acquisition (DAQ) programming concepts (e.g. threaded programming, data storage, networking, I/O programming, FPGA programming), hardware bus system (MTCA, VMEbus, PCI) and Trigger Logic (NIM).

PC based readout systems and trigger designs will also be covered together with reviews of modern TDAQ systems from LHC and fixed target experiments.

All information and registration can be found at our website: http://isotdaq2014.wigner.mta.hu

Application deadline is 1st November 2013

Informazioni su Giovanni Mazzitelli

Senior Researcher - field of interest high energy physics and particle accelerators; science communication and education; sail and alpinism lover
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